The Benefits of Cambridge School Jakarta Curriculum Compared to Regular Curriculum

Every school has its standard and policies to set the curriculum. For instance, who choose the regular curriculum can still expect the best outcome. Meanwhile, students need to be successful not only in academics but also in the manner and positive character. However, Global Sevilla Cambridge School Jakarta provides the international curriculum to complete every aspect’s students’ abilities. Here is the explanation of the Cambridge curriculum benefits.


Four Key Benefits by Using Cambridge Curriculum as The Primary Source

Global Sevilla

  1. Successful in Academics and Manner

In the regular curriculum, students are required to have better academics and focus on results. While the international curriculum that Global Sevilla uses provides the learners with an education to recognize and be held in reverence around the world. Besides that, the Cambridge curriculum standard academic approach will allow student opportunities to succeed in a worldwide reputation.


  1. Focus on Both Process and Outcome

As an international curriculum, it is designed to provide a high level of support for teachers and students in many aspects. The curriculum of Cambridge school Jakarta includes responsibility, confident, reflective, innovative, and flexible aspects. Education on these attributes focused on the process than the result. But also, it leads students in the classroom, examination, and a career future. On the contrary, the regular curriculum is more teacher-based learning.


  1. Developing Personal New Skills

Personalized learning can shape good learning habits matter. Students are capable of reflecting on their wisdom to build on experience and plan by themselves. They will be confident and enrich their knowledge with new ideas and opinions. Through personal development, they can have many skills to improve, such as behavior, emotional, and social skills. Meanwhile, the regular curriculum focus on the more academic outcome.


  1. Be Part of the Global Community

Through the professional Cambridge School Jakarta curriculum, it offers good opportunities to expand knowledge and experience. The students and teachers will be part of a global community. Cambridge programs and qualifications can help to sculpture the best outcomes for students. Students will be able to have bigger chances to get into university and careers in the international eyes.


All in all, Global Sevilla ( gives a lot of benefits for students to get the best education. From successful in the term of academic, manner, personal skill, even recognition in the international community. The curriculum offers a positive impact on students in their future careers. Therefore, the Cambridge curriculum is the best option for students’ developmental skills and abilities to gain success in learning.

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